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So a lot (me included) now are building JAM stack landing pages, shops, full-stack apps, etc. and while you can have a backend of course not all of them have. For those who don’t: How do we search?

So there is the obvious Google Programmable Search Engine but that looks bad and it not really customizable. The results are very good, it’s google after all. However for those who want something more custom: Here’s one way how.

A working example can found right here 😉
We will look at the following:

Let’s start by saying this: I absolutely love JS & Typescript, they are my favorite languages and I would not want to live without them.

Now that being said, whenever I look at Go or Python for example the quality of packages cannot be compared. This is I feel the biggest weakness of the JS ecosystem and is frustrating because it could be so much better.

Quality vs Quantity

Basically this is my main problem with the ecosystem. Whenever we look at other languages generally speaking there is one, maybe two packages for each use case they are trying to solve. …

For those who don’t know what Directus is: an open source database first CMS that generates an api. Lot of buzzwords there, but it’s truly a cool project that deserves much more attention IMO.

Recently I’ve used it to deliver some static generated websites that needed some sort of CMS. Think of a blog, or small landing pages. For that kind you can combine it with Gatsby or in this case Sapper to generate static html from the API.

The article will focus on Sapper, but the parts related to Directus are identical for Gatsby, just the frontend will change.

What will we do today?

Artificial intelligence, neural networks, machine learning. I don’t know which of them is the bigger buzzword. If we look past the hype there are some actually very interesting use cases for machine learning in the browser.

For the lazy that simply what to just to the source code
Here is the git repo for you :)

Today we will look on how to train a simple mnist digit recogniser and then export it into a website where we then can see it in action. Therefore this article will be split into three parts

If you have a project on github that has releases for code or binaries for example it might be a good idea to automate it. Not only this saved a lot of clicks and time, but also it makes releases predictable and therefore less prone to errors in the process.

For this article I will take my own project as the example here, but of course this can be applied to any project, written in whatever language and/or framework.

Also I will base this guide on Drone. But I’m sure there is the same workflow for jenkins/circle/whatever CI/CD system you…

How do you detect if a user of your website has a preference for light or dark theme? Or maybe has not chosen at all?

We will look at a few ways how to detect and handle dark modes in 2020:

Python is truly amazing. With all that greatness generally there has to be a tradeoff and in the case of Python it’s performance.

Luckily there is an easy way to run computation intensive work in Rust, which is of course orders of magnitude faster. Let’s see how!


Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash

Lets assume we want to run the following python code in rust.

def add(a, b):
return a + b

add(1, 2) # 3

Lets see the steps we need to take to…

So you ever wondered why your docker build takes so long to startup when all you do is adding a few files to your image and setting which command to run?

Fear no more! .dockerignore to the rescue ⚓️.

Typescript is a godsend. It is very easy to get started with and for most developers there is no way back once they get the hang of it. Sometimes it can get pretty advanced and intimidating though.

This is why I decided to share 4 of my favourite typescript tips and tricks you might have needed in the past. Some are super basic, some are bit more advanced.

Photo by Amador Loureiro on Unsplash

Higher-order Component

In React higher order components (HOC) are very useful tools. Generally they are used to wrap some layout or functionality to…

The web and its security has come a long way. As always in security there are constantly ways to improve your defences agains bad actors. This is a list of quick and easy, yet powerful tools that all devs should be using.


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